There’s a Disturbance In the Force


When it comes to the Super Bowl, many fans are as excited to watch the commercials as they are the game. And with a record number of viewers expected to tune in this year, advertisers are spending a huge percentage of their annual budgets on this single buy.

  • 30 seconds of air time is averaging in excess of $5M
  • Up 11% over last year’s $4.5M
  • Over the last ten years media costs have increased by 75%

In recent years, advertisers have become more and more savvy utilizing social media to ramp up excitement. But even so, the big question many marketing executives continue to ask is does it make good business sense?

The short answer is it depends.

For brands like Budweiser, McDonalds and Doritos, the results have been very positive over the years. But for every gem like the inaugural Super Clio winning “Brady Bunch’ Snickers ad, the landscape is littered with dozens of losers, as well. Think: Danica Patrick in a muscle suit for Go Daddy.

So the question remains, do fans respond where it really matters—with their wallets? Well, maybe not for every advertiser, but at $5M/spot, there’s obviously a demand.