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Brands and spokespersons alike have enjoyed tremendous success from endorsement deals, although lately there have been a steady stream of disasters as well. Ryan Lochte’s behavior in Rio for example resulted in the termination of product endorsement deals from four major brands — most notably Ralph Lauren.

While athletic ability and star power can drive an endorsement deal’s signing, there are many issues that can kill it just as easily. Moral issues seem to be the most obvious examples.

However, celebrities like Michael Jordan, Haley Berry, and Jennifer Anniston have found long term success with product deals. The common thread found in their stories is the presence of a true relatable partnership. Each product and celebrity share a mutual and obvious benefit from the pairing. Jordan’s athletic excellence personifies the spirit of the Nike brand, as does Berry’s beauty for the Revlon brand, and Anniston’s healthiness for the Vitamin Water brand.

So, while it’s not unheard of to see a brand strike remarkable growth quickly by garnering the endorsement of the celebrity du jour, a certain maturity does obviously help for long term success.