“The biggest compliment I can pay to Studio/D is that they look at my business like I do: how do we get the required strategic result? All of the Studio/D focus and work is put into that effort. They get results for their clients because they focus on getting results – and not some of the things that often distract agencies.”
Scott Intagliata
Partner, Marketing Director
Unico Inc.
“I truly believe Studio/D has become an integral part of our success. They have helped me focus on the future and the dynamics of getting our message out in this continually challenging media market.”
Brad Sowers
Jim Butler Automotive Group
“Studio/D has taken the time to understand our business and what sets us apart from other architectural firms. They've created a stronger brand reflecting the skills and solutions we offer to our clients. We are much better positioned to win more new business.”
Young-Hie Nahm Komm
KRJ Planning & Research