Trumping the Competition



Love him? Can’t stand him? No matter your politics, one thing’s for sure: Donald Trump understands the power of branding. Donald Trump IS a brand, and he’s using it to revolutionize the 2016 presidential campaign.

Think about it. In less than six months, he’s gone from a distraction, a side-show, to a leading Republican candidate for the highest office in our country. He narrowly missed a victory to Ted Cruz in Iowa and could sweep New Hampshire in the primaries.

Trump’s rise to popularity can be traced to three simple tactics:

  • He knows his audience and what resonates with them.
  • He believes strongly in his platform and communicates it consistently and with great enthusiasm.
  • His ‘no holds barred’ style has effectively repositioned his competition

It’s no coincidence that Trump’s tactics are also the basis of building and supporting a company brand. He’s a supreme marketer.

It remains to be seen if his strategy has a lasting impact on political campaigning. But one thing is for sure, he has truly had a profound impact on this election cycle.