You clicked “buyer personas,” so we thought we’d share some secret advice with you regarding how Studio/D uses buyer personas. Before we craft messaging for our clients, we start with a deep dive into the thought process of their audiences. We determine what their mindset is, and what they are really seeking to acquire.

Part of this process involves our building of multiple buyer personas that encompass the thinking of our client’s prospects and customers.

We’ll use our own marketing for Studio/D as an example. We market to corporate management, CMOs, and marketing directors, and we have identified six different buyer persona models that industrial marketers look for in their ad agency partners. Feel free to review this list to see if we’ve captured your thinking in one or more of these models.

Strategic/Leadership Model

Manufacturer is seeing to gain customer insight to better identify and target their audiences.  They value business strategy assistance from a team with relevant experience. Would like assistance in measuring relative success of marketing efforts (demonstrating a favorable ROI on marketing expenditures). Want personalized and passionate attention from their agency. Seeking proven category knowledge. Desire to develop a closer alignment between sales and marketing. Seek a full array of services, including the use of “big data.”

Revenue Model

Industrial company primarily focused on increasing market share and/or sales volume. Interested in the lifetime value of their customer base and want to find new revenue streams to better serve customers with greater frequency.

Creative Model

Manufacturing companies who are seeking fresh creative thinking to help develop their own USP (unique selling proposition) and brand. Strong desire to set their company apart from other similar companies.

Efficiency Model

Industrial marketers who desire an improved efficiency of their marketing efforts – looking for a better ROI. Not necessarily looking for “cheap” services, just greater efficiency. These decision makers are often also focused on accountability from their partner (deliver on time, on budget).

Soft Skills Model

Manufacturing marketer looking for the proper cultural fit with an agency, particularly with key agency personnel. Results still matter, but relationship and passion is key. Must know that the agency will stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

Message Delivery Model

Industrial marketer is focused on owning the communication connection with customers and prospects. Will often utilize multiple channels to reach customers, including digital, social media, public relations, traditional advertising. Quality of creative work is important, but secondary to maintaining an ongoing communication channel with clients and prospects.

In aggregate, this boils down to a recognition that manufacturers are looking for experience, relationships, ideas, executions and results from their agency. No surprises here. It’s how the marketing director weighs these attributes that defines their specific model. To meet client expectations, agencies must build a clear understanding of audiences, develop strategic plans, create exciting advertising and communication messaging, and flawlessly deliver the messages while building a lasting relationship with the marketing director and CMO. Agencies must also measure the success of campaigns and further improve messaging and delivery for the future.

How did we do – was your mindset accurately captured in one or more of these models?

Still interested in learning more secrets?  You’ve stuck with us this far, so we’ll share a bit more with you. When we build websites, we always take SEO (search engine optimization) into account. SEO is how we ensure search engines will review the site and index it for people to find when they search for relevant information. This link was built for that very purpose, utilizing many marketing keywords that prospective clients seek. Many of the keywords that are used in this link are also referenced in other places on our site, making us more attractive for SEO, which may be the reason why you found our site. Let’s chat about how Studio/D can specifically assist your company’s marketing efforts. Please give us a call or email our founder, Scott Dieckgraefe. He can be found at 314-200-2630 x701, or via email at