Unico, Inc.
Provide regular, relevant content to prospects across multiple audience segments, as they progress through their sales journey.
  1. Segment prospect lists by demographics/psychographics and geography.
  2. Review sales journey for each audience, determine content needed at various times of their journey to progress them to the next step. Write and art direct content.
  3. Develop a plan for content distribution.
  4. Apply marketing automation to distribute content at appropriate times.
  5. Monitor consumer interaction with content to flag likely purchasers for direct sales follow-up.
  • Nearly three million emails were delivered across 17 different audience segments during the second year of this program.
  • Dramatically increased consumer awareness of this unique product.
  • Website traffic increased by 58%.
  • Qualified prospect list grew by 64%.
  • Consumer lead gen increased by 225%.
  • Secured leads that ultimately grew Unico’s contractor base by 60%.
  • Revenue grew by 18%.
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