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We love working with companies that make and distribute things.


At Studio/D, we love working with “makers.” These are the dedicated leaders working in manufacturing and affiliated companies. They infuse themselves into the products they make and distribute. They continuously make improvements. They are smart and cannot be separated from what they do, rather their expertise and passion becomes part of everything they touch.

Sadly, as talented and passionate as these makers are, they aren’t ensured success. To succeed, you need an equally talented, equally passionate marketing partner to position your products right, and to direct your communication efforts properly for your audiences.

Your marketing partner must share your excitement about manufacturing, and the cool opportunities it creates. You need a partner who is experienced helping manufacturers across multiple industries. You need a partner who understands the nuances of your audiences and their journey. You need Studio/D.


At Studio/D, we’re a team of “makers” who create and deliver impactful communications. We put strategy first, then craft creative messages to engage customers and prospects, inform decisions, seat ideas, build brands, drive responses, and grow revenue. We simplify complex communication challenges with messaging that engages and drives results for industrial and manufacturing clients.

Our passion for “making” is evident in the craftsmanship of our strategic and creative work, but also after hours, when this passion drives us to build kayaks, remodel homes, brew hard cider, or compose music. Like our clients, making things is in our DNA.


Author and organizational consultant, Simon Sinek calls it our “why.” The Japanese call it, “Ikigai” (eek-ee-guy). This is our reason for being, and it’s why we wake up excited to start every new day and tackle new challenges. It’s found at the intersection of four areas:

Why Studio/D Exists - Ikigai

For us, we love helping clients grow through our marketing communications work – it’s the life work of everyone working here, and we’re exceptionally good at it. We’ve found that many manufacturers need our assistance, and we’re able to price our work to provide them a great ROI. This is why we exist.


We’ve found our ikigai, and our clients have found theirs too. We’ve also noticed that when we overlay our “why” with our client’s “why,” it makes for an unstoppable force. We’re each passionate and talented in our individual crafts, yet when we pair your products with our marketing smarts, really great things happen to your ROI.

This is why we started Studio/D, an award-winning, full-service marketing communications agency. Let Studio/D help make you a greater success. We’re experts and passionate about what we do; and our strategies and tactics are OSHA approved.

Call or email our founder and president, Scott Dieckgraefe at 314-200-2630 x701, or scott@StudioD.agency to determine how we can help you manufacture success.


Studio/D runs with an efficient staff of seasoned professionals, each averaging more than 15 years of experience. We are all continuous learners who challenge and push each-other to new professional heights. But when needed, we’re not slow to call one of our many trusted industry associates to assist with specialized work. Think of Studio/D as a hybrid agency – mostly brick and mortar, but with some virtual aspects as well. This helps us keep our overhead down, providing our clients with more efficiency.

Strategy Development

Marketing plans, business plans, proof of concept, strategic plans, risk/benefit analysis, SWOT analysis, brand development, go-to-market plans. We know strategy and can help.

Marketing Research and Analysis

Qualitative and/or quantitative research and analysis. We eliminate speculation allowing you to focus on facts. We can fill that gap in your information.

Digital Marketing

Website creation, SEO, SEM, content automation and marketing, email marketing, digital display advertising, remarketing, geotargeting. We do it all. Some of this is big-brother scary, yet very cool from a marketing perspective.

Media Planning/Negotiating

Media strategy, print, broadcast and digital media negotiation and placements. We know the latest digital techniques and the old-school strategic approaches.

Creative Development

Brand development and management, content creation, graphic design, copywriting. We do all of this plus print and collateral materials (brochures, sell sheets, etc.), broadcast advertising, trade shows, infomercials, video content creation/editing.

Public Relations/Social Media

Earned, owned and shared media, internal communications, crisis management, user-generated content, social networks. Our team is particularly adept with this.



Scott Dieckgraefe,
President and Founder,

Scott Dieckgraefe has been helping companies grow through superior marketing communications and branding for more than 35 years. He is a natural entrepreneur, a strong champion of challenger brands, and a visionary leader for marketing communications.

After honing his strategic skills at D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles during the early 1980’s, he moved to Price/McNabb in the Carolinas, then to Bozell Southwest (Temerlin/McClain) in Dallas. He returned to St. Louis in 1993 to form a team of media strategists at Adamson Advertising that grew to become the city’s best independent media planning and placement entity, handling more than $40M in media billings. During this time, Scott was named the youngest senior vice president at the city’s largest independent agency.

Over the course of Scott’s agency career, he gained a strong appreciation for manufacturers and the power of public relations and non-traditional message delivery. He also has tremendous empathy for the pressures and needs experienced by clients, having served as a marketing director, helping a private company grow by 80% during the depths of the recession.

Dieckgraefe founded Studio/D in March 2013, with a strong focus on assisting mid-market manufacturers to grow through superior marketing communications.

The Studio/D team has won many awards for marketing communications and public relations work and is widely known for their ability and passion to assist manufacturing-based clients and other organizations who support them.



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