How Manufacturers Benefit from Email Marketing

Scott Dieckgraefe Insight

Industry analysts with Salesforce estimate a return on investment of $38 for every $1 spent on email marketing – with other sites pushing the return up well over $40.  With so much bang for buck power, email marketing continues to be a dependable driver of demonstrable results – specifically, elevating awareness and increasing leads.  A periodic email newsletter can inform prospects and customers of your take on the latest industry innovations and trends, position yourself as a thought leader, and keep prospects who aren’t ready to buy yet “on the line” with useful information until they are ready to act. 

Consider the following benefits from regularly scheduled email campaigns:

  • Content can be leveraged through other channels

The articles, videos, and infographics created for customer and prospect email outreach can be repurposed as blog pieces on your website and offered to media outlets to generate interviews and/or garner earned media placements.

  • Generate traffic to your website and drives SEO

Good email content will include your website’s keywords as well as multiple call-to-action links to your site.  These can be tracked and tweaked so that you’re not only driving traffic to your site, but to the specific location on your site that is particularly helpful to prospects or customers.

  • Ownership of your own content (and, more importantly, contact lists)

Unlike traditional media where the content and audience are owned by the platform, with email marketing you own both the message and the audience.  That’s why it’s wise to have your email campaigns synced to your CRM process.  In fact, many manufacturers build their CRM programs by starting with email lists, then gradually adding more data like sales histories, etc. to create a full CRM program.

  • Consistent, non-disruptive communication generates “top-of-mind” awareness

Staying in regular contact with your customer base and prospects keeps your name recognition strong.  Even if the recipient isn’t reacting with your content, your company’s name is appearing in their inbox.  Just be sure the frequency of delivery doesn’t become disruptive to your recipients.  Three to six weeks between emails is the sweet spot for most manufacturers.

  • Excellent channel for feedback and conducting customer research

Email is an excellent method of delivery of short or long-form surveys regarding market perception of your company, its products, or services.

  • Drive leads

Email campaigns are where outbound and inbound marketing meet and work in harmony.  You’re sending out useful, engaging information while also providing methods for your customers and prospects to interact with you.  This allows you to maintain contact with prospects who may not be ready to convert to customers AND provides various methods of interacting with you when they are.  When tied to a CRM process and automation software like drip campaigns, email outreach becomes not only a key lead generator but also a converter, too.

The digital landscape is changing at the speed of thought.  Due to growing concerns from consumers about their digital privacy rights, providers like Apple and Google have big changes on the near horizon regarding how they serve, collect and report data. It’s important to have a partner who understands the ins and outs of email marketing and who stays up-to-date on the latest nuances regarding digital information gathering and reporting. 

Studio/D has helped many manufacturers reach the next level by harnessing the power of frequent email campaigns.  If you haven’t yet added this powerful tool, we can help you implement a program that will deliver a myriad of benefits.


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