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Prop R: Great Promise, Unclear Delivery

Scott Dieckgraefe Insight

Letter to the Editor: St. Louis Post-Dispatch (dated December 9, 2021) Now more than ever the St. Louis region needs the fruits of our community colleges. The recently passed Prop R offers an opportunity to properly educate and train tomorrow’s workforce for our region’s major employers, including well-paying careers in manufacturing and trades. While an Oct. 21 report from the …

Marketing's Role in Hiring

How Marketing Can Help Mitigate the Manufacturing Jobs Dilemma

Scott Dieckgraefe Insight

Marketing agencies that serve manufacturers can help their clients with worker shortage issues by employing the same strategies and tactics they provide on behalf of promoting their clients’ goods and services.  A good mar-com agency digs deep into its clients’ mission, culture, and reason for being to provide a unique voice for the promotion of their goods and services.  This …

Demonstrating Empathy

Building a Corporate Culture with Empathy

Scott Dieckgraefe Insight

In today’s tight labor market, companies can attract workers based on their corporate culture and the care they demonstrate for employees. Much of a company’s culture is personified through their leaders, yet sadly over the past week there have been several high profile examples of company leaders who failed to empathize with their teams. Example #1 – Firing 900 workers …