Leading a webinar

Planning an Effective B2B Webinar

Scott Dieckgraefe Insight

Webinars are all the rage – they came into popularity during Covid lockdowns when tradeshows were cancelled, and they’ve remained popular due to their ability to provide deep content to well-targeted groups of customers or prospects. Dependent on your audience, the technology used with webinars doesn’t have to be much more complex than a Zoom meeting, although having some advanced …

Insure Your Company’s Most Valuable (Intangible) Asset

Scott Dieckgraefe Insight

You can easily insure equipment, buildings, vehicles, and even your employees, but you can’t buy insurance for an asset that may be worth millions. The asset we’re talking about is your company’s brand equity and goodwill.  Further concerning is that a crisis could severely diminish its value in an instant. Crises happen — from product recalls to workplace violence; from …