Leading a webinar

Planning an Effective B2B Webinar

Scott Dieckgraefe Insight

Webinars are all the rage – they came into popularity during Covid lockdowns when tradeshows were cancelled, and they’ve remained popular due to their ability to provide deep content to well-targeted groups of customers or prospects. Dependent on your audience, the technology used with webinars doesn’t have to be much more complex than a Zoom meeting, although having some advanced …

balancing lead gen with branding

Balancing Branding Efforts with Lead Generation

Scott Dieckgraefe Insight

Manufacturers often ask the question, “which is most important to my company’s growth – brand awareness or lead generation?” The answer, of course, is that both are necessary, and the proportional emphasis between these elements changes. As marketers, it’s our role to understand when and how to emphasize one strategy over the other to increase awareness and revenue generation. Branding …

How Manufacturers Benefit from Email Marketing

Scott Dieckgraefe Insight

Industry analysts with Salesforce estimate a return on investment of $38 for every $1 spent on email marketing – with other sites pushing the return up well over $40.  With so much bang for buck power, email marketing continues to be a dependable driver of demonstrable results – specifically, elevating awareness and increasing leads.  A periodic email newsletter can inform …