Develop 3D Vision Superpowers

Develop Your Marketing “3D Vision” Superpower

Scott Dieckgraefe Insight

By Scott Dieckgraefe, Studio/D Founder and President

I’ve always appreciated how great architects think in 3-dimensional space, visualizing how one action interacts with other elements that are behind walls or on other floors. I have the same appreciation for talented chefs who pair flavors, textures and aromas to maximize impact and appeal. Each artist understands how one aspect of their work interacts with other elements, presumably for the common good.

Like other great artists, great marketers think in 3D when building and implementing marketing communication plans. In today’s interconnected communication environment, it’s critical to clearly understand the implications one action has on others. Long gone are the days of using an exclusive communication channel for a singular message. Rather multiple strategies demand multiple tactics, all of which need to build successfully on each-other. If individual elements are planned in isolation of each-other, they lack purposeful alignment and don’t provide maximum results.

When planning mar-com activity, the ramifications of an account-based marketing (ABM) approach, versus brand building or a traditional lead-generation program, ripple through content development and message delivery channels. For instance, having a 3D view of branding ensures that every consumer touch point builds the brand image. Likewise, how sales and marketing teams interact with each-other directly impact the success of each other. Certainly all of this is predicated on knowing audiences well, understanding the steps in the buyer’s journey, together with their content needs and media consumption habits.

Many agencies work with all types of clients (retail, CPG, industrial), siloing their work to groups of people who have with a deep understanding of one aspect of marketing communication, yet they lack the 3D vision to understand how their mar-com element interacts with others. Hiring a “digital agency,” a “branding agency,” a “creative boutique,” or a “media agency” is NOT a recipe of success for manufacturing or industrial marketers in 2022 and beyond. Rather, to succeed today requires a deep understanding across all aspects of communication. Being able to see how one action interacts with other elements is key. This is typically a perspective gained through marketing leadership with decades of experience.

My wish for marketing professionals in 2022 is to develop a broader view of marketing communications. Start with the fundamentals – review your goals and strategies and learn how one action impacts others. Plan your tactics to be layered on each-other to enhance communications, providing  exponential growth. At Studio/D, we wish you well in your 2022 efforts, and we are here to assist with a 3D vision and deep experience in the manufacturing and industrial marketing space.

Studio/D is a full-service marketing communications firm working with mid-market industrial and manufacturing clients, together with companies that support the manufacturing ecosystem. We’re a team of “makers” who simplify complex communication challenges with messaging that engages and drives results. Learn more about us at, or call our president, Scott Dieckgraefe at 314-200-2630.