Learn What Your Customers REALLY Think About You

Scott Dieckgraefe Insight

Or…The Case for Blind Customer Surveys

Marketers of a certain age may remember the “Pepsi Challenge,” a tactic used in the great “Cola Wars” of the 1970s and 80s when Pepsi Cola took aim at Coca-Cola’s century-long market share dominance. In the challenge, consumers were asked to taste colas from unmarked cups – one Pepsi, one Coke – and then select which drink they preferred.

The Pepsi Challenge is an example of a blind survey. Blind surveys ask respondents to provide their opinions without knowing who is asking the questions. Keeping the survey sponsor unknown to respondents eliminates bias that may otherwise influence their answers.

When businesses use blind surveys to ask specific and thought-provoking questions of their customers, they can receive insightful results. Including an incentive – such as a chance to win a gift card with a nominal cash value – can help boost survey respondent rates.

Blind surveys can offer a significant ROI – especially when fielded online. They can gather a wealth of information about how customers think and feel about your company, your competitors, and your industry in general.

A good survey should include your company and key competitors to capture comparative information. Be sure to include:

  • Brand awareness attributes of your company versus your competitors,
  • Specific product or service attributes of your company and those of key competitors,
  • Questions about your customers’ journey, including:
    • What media and methods they use to find your products/services
    • What content they consume regarding products/services
    • When they begin and complete their buyer’s journey, identifying the key stepping stones in-between
  • What key motivations your customers experience during the sales cycle

When companies build a complete profile of a customer persona, they are much better armed to satisfy that customer, while identifying the same attributes in prospects they are looking to convert.

“My mother says she loves me, but you know she could be jivin’ too.”

– Keb’ Mo’ (American Blues Artist– who apparently didn’t use blind research)

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