Buyer's Journey

Grow Revenue By Lighting The Way For Your Buyer’s Journey

Scott Dieckgraefe Insight

Marketers often talk about the buyer’s journey, those steps that a potential customer takes as they move from awareness, through consideration, to a final decision, and to (hopefully) becoming a brand advocate. These four key steps can be further broken down to include aspects specific to a particular industry or market, but the core principle is the same: prospects move through a step-by-step process as they discover potential product or service solutions to an identified need, weighing the risks and benefits of that solution, and, finally, deciding whether to act on their need (i.e., becoming a customer or not).

Understanding a prospect’s communication needs at each step of their journey is critical to converting them to customers.

Many CRM programs build on this process, gathering data and tracking prospect’s wants and needs at each stage of their journey. Appropriate actions are assigned, embracing the best messaging and methods for content delivery, ultimately leading prospects through their journey.

Let’s consider how marketers can shine light along the prospect’s journey, helping them reach a favorable buying decision.


Questions marketers consider:

  • How does the prospect prioritize and express their wants/needs?
  • How do they gather information to resolve their needs?
  • What happens if they do nothing?

Actions marketers take:

• Grow corporate name awareness, offer broad assistance.
• Provide informational, not sales-oriented, content.
• Provide information and resources that help them define their issues.
• Be helpful, not pushy.


Questions marketers consider:

  • How does the prospect categorize potential solutions?
  • How do they educate themselves on these solutions?
  • What criteria does the prospect use to evaluate and select the available solutions?
  • What expectations do the prospect have?

Actions marketers take:

  • Communicate exactly how your product/service solves their issue.
  • Position yourself as a better solution than your competitors.
  • Provide resources that help the prospect decide on your solution.
  • Build familiarity with products and/or services.


Questions marketers consider:

  • How do they ultimately choose a specific solution?
  • What does the prospect like about your solution? What are their concerns?
  • Who is involved in the final decision? If more than one individual, how do their needs/perceptions differ?

Actions marketers take:

  • Understand the prospect’s potential objections and resolve them.
  • Clearly communicate your unique sales proposition to provide value and set yourself apart from competitors.


Questions marketers consider:

  • Do we provide adequate post-sale follow-up?
  • What incentives can we provide for additional purchases and/or referrals?

Actions marketers take:

  • Understand that the sale is not your final contact with your customer.
  • If your business model allows it, consider offering discounts or rebates for additional purchases or referrals.

Businesses that understand their prospects’ needs at each step throughout their journey are best poised to keep them engaged and provide true value throughout the process. Studio/D has years of experience in helping businesses fine-tune their approach through the buyer’s journey to maximize sales results.

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