Manufacturing Workforce Training

The Importance of Manufacturing Workforce Training: The Voters Have Spoken

Scott Dieckgraefe Insight

By Scott Dieckgraefe, President and Founder of Studio/D

Voters in St. Louis City and County passed Proposition R last week, a property tax increase to provide additional funding to the St. Louis Community College District for sorely needed career training programs in healthcare, information technology, financial services, biotechnology, and manufacturing.

My “Letter to the Editor,” published August 11th in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, expresses optimism about what this funding can do for St. Louis job training and creation – especially for manufacturers.

At Studio/D, we’re laser focused on helping mid-market manufacturers grow and prosper through best-in-class marketing communications efforts. We believe the community college system is positioned well to train people for careers in manufacturing and associated trades.

Our clients have all voiced concerns about securing well-trained employees, and it’s our great hope that this funding will provide the necessary training to jump-start interest and careers in manufacturing, and to attract new companies to our region through a well-trained workforce. Four-year college degrees and office jobs aren’t the right path for everyone – and frankly, I’m thrilled that people are learning manufacturing and trade skills.

Available work in the manufacturing sector is growing. And it’s challenging, fulfilling, and rewarding work. Studies have shown that among workers without a 4-year degree, those in manufacturing earn $150 more per week than those working in other industries. Companies are increasingly valuing these important employees, empowering them through Lean practices. Training is provided on-site for the increasingly complex, interconnected manufacturing steps, and workers are often offered additional educational opportunities outside of work to help with their advancement.

Please join Studio/D in encouraging the community college system to help build a strong and diversified workforce for St. Louis and surrounding areas. I recommend you write or call:
Dr. Jeff Pittman
St. Louis Community College
3221 McKelvey Rd.
Bridgeton, MO 63044

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