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Five Ways to Nurture Leads with B2B Marketing Automation

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Guide Prospects Through the Sales/Marketing Funnel at Their Own Pace

By Tom Taylor, Studio/D Account Advocate

We’ve written about the sales and marketing funnel and how the CRM process can be used to repair the disconnect between sales and marketing teams. In this article, we’ll take a look at some marketing automation tools that can keep your prospects engaged while nurturing them through various stages of the funnel.

The diversity of digital communication platforms means there are many ways to send customized messaging that speaks to where prospects are in their particular path to purchasing a product or service, as well as using the method(s) they most prefer.

Here are five examples of marketing automation that manufacturers can use to nurture leads, helping to boost conversion and closure rates:

1. A Robust CRM Program. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and FreshSales are great for tracking the progress of prospects as they move toward becoming customers. A CRM program is both a warehouse for information about your audience and a tool your marketing and sales teams should use to exchange information about prospects’ demographics, behaviors, triggers, etc. – anything that helps you move them closer to a sale.

2. Automated Email Campaigns. Ongoing email campaigns are probably the most common form of automated marketing programs. They can be automated through having content created beforehand, tailored to specific levels in the funnel, then scheduled and sent when a certain trigger occurs – say, when a prospect takes a specific action like downloading a white paper, filling out an online form, or the like. If you subscribe to any blogs or newsletters you’re likely receiving an automated email campaign.

3. Retargeting with Web Ads. Retargeting uses anonymous code to “follow” visitors from your website who don’t immediately become customers. This a great way to keep your name top-of-mind until they’re ready to take action. Ever notice when your browse for something on Amazon and begin seeing ads for that company or item elsewhere on the internet? That’s retargeting at work.

4. Offering Gated Content. A common example of gated content is when a prospect has to give up something in exchange for something else, like providing your email address in order to download something from a website. This is a great way to build prospect lists while giving visitors the option of moving on their own timeline through their buyer’s journey.

5. Branded Transactional Messages & Updates. When an online seller confirms your order or download with an email, they are using this method of communication. Transactional messages are great tools for both marketers and customer service teams because they continue to convey branding while keeping communication lines open before, during, and after a conversion or sale.

These examples represent a small sampling of how automatic marketing programs can increase engagement and closure rates. At Studio/D we use these in conjunction with various forms of inbound and outbound marketing to help manufacturers increase their reach and revenue. Reach out to us to learn if these automation ideas might be a good fit for your company’s marketing efforts.

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