How AI-Generated Content Will Chage Marketing

How Will ChatGPT Change Your B2B Marketing?

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AI-generated language programs like ChatGPT have garnered significant headlines in the past few months as our industry clamors to learn and harness the power behind the technology. We recommend that you NOT underestimate its power – it will positively impress even the most ardent nay-sayer. These programs now operate on the third iteration of their learning model, or GPT-3.

If “Content Is King,” AI-generated language programs represent the Kingdom’s labor force.

ChatGPT, a leader in this industry, offers a machine-learning model that is “trained” for unsupervised learning. This involves generating responses based on the input it receives and the patterns it has learned from available data. It does not access personal information or browsing history of the requestor, although it can fine tune results from previous interactions with the same user within the same session.

The program has been “taught” to consume large amounts of text data, learning patterns and relationships on its own, without any outside guidance or supervision. Currently GPT-3 is said to include 175 billion learning parameters, and the soon-to-be-released GPT-4 version is promoted as being 100x more powerful than GPT-3. As good as GPT-3 is today, it’s hard to conceptualize tomorrow’s abilities of GPT-4.

Need an article on a difficult-to-understand topic? ChatGPT just provided me with insightful content regarding how string theory impacts our lives. Great, let’s see how it handles more creative writing aspects, such as generated a haiku about a dog named Sam, writing bluesy song lyrics about the same dog, or writing a sonnet about Sam. If you chose not to click-through to these examples, we’ll simply say that the program far exceeded our expectations. The results are not perfect, and we recommend against using the generated content unaltered, as it can be dry and impersonable, but it does provide great insight for a talented writer to craft into a final content piece. Additionally, using ChatGPT-generated content in its native state is arguably a form of plagiarism.

Regarding the plagiarism issue, we consulted ChatGPT itself, who responded, “to avoid plagiarism when using ChatGPT… it is important to review and revise the output generated by the model, and to ensure that any quotes or paraphrases are properly cited and attributed to their original sources. It is also important to ensure that the generated content is original and does not copy from other sources, even if unintentionally.”

Futurists and conspiracy theorists believe these new AI abilities will quickly eliminate many marketing and other white-collar positions. And it may do so in time, but for now, the content it generates will allow us to be more productive, completing written tasks much more efficiently. Beyond providing draft copy to consider, it offers tremendous ability to strengthen our marketing efforts in many ways, including…

  1. Enhancing website chatbots by providing personalized responses to prospect queries, helping guide prospects through their sales journey.
  2. Developing more effective H1 and H2 tags for SEO purposes. By analyzing search data and user behavior, ChatGPT can help identify the most relevant and high-traffic keywords to include in H1 and H2 tags. This improves the visibility of web pages in search results and helps drive more organic traffic to a website.
  3. Providing sentiment analysis to help understand customer perceptions and to provide fresh customer insights regarding a brand.

ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionize B2B marketing programs as a valuable new tool for content development. Prudent use of this tool can enhance customer experience, ultimately driving growth for businesses. We believe that the surface is just being scratched regarding how this technology can help businesses improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and drive better ROI.

It’s rare that we witness a seminal point in history. I remember seeing the Challenger explosion, the introduction of the internet, cell phones, and the horror of September 11th. AI-generated language programs have now earned a place on this list. How will you use this new tool?

PS – As this article was being written, beta versions of GPT-4 were released, and the results are exponentially better than the already-impressive GPT-3. The 4th version includes more visual references in addition to the written aspects. More on this later.

We credit ChatGPT for some insight and content provided in this article.

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