Product Recall Rubber Stamp

Tips For Managing a Product Recall

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Getting through a product recall can be very costly. Personnel man-hours, legal fees, lost productivity, and out-of-pocket remedy costs can have a profound effect on your bottom line. But perhaps the greatest negative effect can be on your business’s reputation. Managed poorly, a product recall can lead to the loss of customers and goodwill which may have taken years to …

Neural Pathways

How B2B Marketers Use Artificial Intelligence

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By Scott Dieckgraefe, President and Founder of Studio/D Experts agree that artificial intelligence (AI) will continue exponential growth in B2B marketing communications during 2021 and beyond. Yet for all of the good AI can do in marketing, there is still a lot of misinformation about what AI is, as well as concern over future implications. Much of the apprehension about …

Nurturing Funnel

The Sales & Marketing Funnel – Where Marketing & Sales Converge

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Smart manufacturers know that a healthy, robust prospect nurturing program is critical to their business and key to growth. The savviest among them understand that the marketing and sales funnel is where these disciplines converge. Let’s take a deep dive into the roles both marketing and sales teams play when it comes to nurturing prospects.

The Power of the Press Release: Three Reasons to Keep Them in Your Arsenal

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While others say the press release is dead, we believe a well-written, AP Style press release still packs a punch, even though much of the “press” has moved to digital only. Here are four strong reasons why the press release should remain an important part of your marketing communications program.

A Lesson in Lean: Where There is Struggle, There is Waste

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What has transpired over the last five years here at Cambridge is nothing short of spectacular. We spend time learning how to see waste. We go and see what is happening at the jobsite, at the plant process or function and we watch. Each day the entire organization spends 30 minutes after our all company morning meeting (a unique experience worth seeing) making improvements to their work area or job functions.

The Impact of Small Spaces on Big Thinking

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By Scott Dieckgraefe, President & Founder, Studio/D I once owned a tiny house in the woods. A micro-sized deck led to a narrow front door which opened into a small kitchen. The kitchen ceiling was dark and low, which established a confined feeling for the rest of the house. When you entered the house, you instinctively slouched a bit. Over …

Do Political Poll Errors Make Marketing Survey Results Questionable?

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By Tom Taylor, Account Advocate. Studio/D Whatever our political affiliation, we can probably agree that the projections based on polling for the last two US presidential elections were way off. This raises the question of whether similar polling errors carry over into all types of surveys – including market research. Luckily, the short answer is “no” – particularly if your …

“Agility” is The 2020 Skill-of-the-Year

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2020 has been quite the year.  World-wide pandemic, tariffs and international trade wars, racial strife and civil unrest, business closures, limited group gatherings, political divisiveness, unemployment, and elbow bumps. This is not what we planned back in January. We get introspective at the end of every year, attempting to identify the salient learning points of the year, and one word sums up the …