Workforce Attraction, Training and Retention For Manufacturers

Scott Dieckgraefe Insight

It’s heartening that the manufacturing sector has attracted such favorable press in the Midwest lately, but the hard truth is that many manufacturing and skilled trade positions have gone unfilled, leading many companies to scale back sales efforts. No company wants to pay salespeople to nurture leads, only to lose the sale for being unable to produce goods in a …

Name Recognition and Branding

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“Every Baby Needs A Name” I was fortunate to spend quality time in Boston this past summer, and it was great to see an entire city embrace its historic role in the birth of our nation. Walking Boston’s Freedom Trail, I was reminded of the key people and events that shaped our country’s early days. At Boston’s Old City Hall, …

Planning For An Uncertain 2023

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insight and flexibility are keys to the year As we step into 2023, there is an uncertainty looming, highlighted by discrepant forecasts for the year. As 2023 begins, worker shortages continue, as does high inflation, the Russian war in Ukraine, and the ever-present domestic political drama. While consumer spending is robust, fears grow that we’ll talk ourselves into a recession*. …

Between a Funnel and ABM

Between a Funnel & the ABM Pyramid: The Case for Hybrid Marketing

Scott Dieckgraefe Insight

Historically, B2B sales and marketing strategy has been based on the funnel model: awareness constitutes the wide end of the funnel, gradually narrowing down to consideration, then intent, then, finally, conversion (a sale). However, the digital age has seen the increased adoption of account-based marketing (ABM), an approach in which sales and marketing teams work together to identify and target …

Positive or Negative News

PR Lessons: When Is Bad Publicity Good For A Company?

Scott Dieckgraefe Insight

By Scott Dieckgraefe, Studio/D Founder and President It’s often been stated that, “there’s no such thing as bad publicity,” and a recently released study appears to  back-up this claim. Seth Arenstein (an author with PR News) cited an Onclusive study in June 2022 that found negative portrayals of brands actually drove greater website traffic than positive stories, seeming to affirm …

Visual Context of Flight

Positioning With Content and Context

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Ted Turner understood content and how it shapes opinions. In 1990, he banned the word “foreign” from CNN newscasts, stating that the word implied something unfamiliar, misunderstood, or divisive. He recommended using “international” in its place to denote a sense of unity. In the intervening 32 years, the news media has become increasingly polarized, using these sorts of nuances to …

Buyer's Journey

Light the way for buyers

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Marketers often talk about the buyer’s journey, those steps that a potential customer takes as they move from awareness, through consideration, to a final decision, and to (hopefully) becoming a brand advocate. These four key steps can be further broken down to include aspects specific to a particular industry or market, but the core principle is the same: prospects move …

Develop 3D Vision Superpowers

Develop Your Marketing “3D Vision” Superpower

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By Scott Dieckgraefe, Studio/D Founder and President I’ve always appreciated how great architects think in 3-dimensional space, visualizing how one action interacts with other elements that are behind walls or on other floors. I have the same appreciation for talented chefs who pair flavors, textures and aromas to maximize impact and appeal. Each artist understands how one aspect of their …