“Agility” is The 2020 Skill-of-the-Year

Scott Dieckgraefe Insight

2020 has been quite the year.  World-wide pandemic, tariffs and international trade wars, racial strife and civil unrest, business closures, limited group gatherings, political divisiveness, unemployment, and elbow bumps. This is not what we planned back in January.

We get introspective at the end of every year, attempting to identify the salient learning points of the year, and one word sums up the most important skill for 2020 – AGILITY. For lean practitioners, we understand the term as the ability to adapt and respond to change.

Never in our wildest imagination did we expect the volume of monumental changes that occurred in such a short period of time. We collectively mourn the loss of the “old normal,” while adjusting for the coming “new normal.”  

We’ve learned that it’s best to look at the external forces colliding around us with the wonder of a child. As we seek to learn what we can, we also adjust plans to compensate for uncontrollable factors, keeping a positive outlook and moving forward.

While we strongly believe in strategic planning, we’re reminded that there are factors beyond our wildest expectations that have potential to rock our world. We’ll continue to plan for the controllable factors that we can envision.

Here are some of Studio/D’s goals for 2021 – we hope they help inspire you as well:

  • We’ll be grateful and show appreciation for those around us
  • We’ll celebrate the small victories that help lead to the large ones
  • We’ll surround ourselves with positive people
  • We’ll model empathy and caring for others.  Hurt as we may be at times, we are among those who are truly blessed
  • We’ll continue to strategize plans based on known conditions, while remaining agile to adjust with new conditions

We hope your company is ending the year with a healthy and resilient workforce, strong supply chains, robust sales, and a new agile mindset for the future.  We wish you peace, prosperity, health and a general calmness in the growth years ahead. As always, please let us know how we can assist with your communication plans. 

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