It’s Time for the Offensive Line to Take the Field

Scott Dieckgraefe Insight

Marketing communications, like all good contact sports, offers a time to play defense and a time to play offense.  Since the pandemic hit in March, many companies (B2B and B2C) shifted to play defense, cutting back their ad spending, which resulted in local TV and radio losing nearly $20 Billion in ad revenue, and Google and Facebook losing a combined $44 Billion in online ad revenue.  

But these defensive plays were not just limited to budget cuts, rather they included adjustments to office staff (51% of companies now promote WFH), sales strategies (less travel, more Zoom), and workflow processes (production pods and staggered shifts).  

Today the world marketplace is showing early signs of opening back up.  Restrictions are being lifted and employment rates are beginning their long journey back.  It’s time to shake the dust off our shoes.  It’s time for the best offensive players to quickly take the field.

The greatest rewards will go to companies who quickly shift to offensive plays.

Now is the time to learn more about your customers through research and communication.  Be proactive with communication not only to your customer base, but also to new prospects.  Review your website to determine communication needs and sales paths.  Reset sales strategies accordingly.  Provide information your customers and prospects need to “reopen” and grow.  Introduce new tools to your sales team, and excite them about the opportunity to dominate their markets.  Fund your ad budgets to prepare for tomorrow’s gains.  It’s time to reinvigorate your social media efforts by engaging your audiences.  Secure media coverage from editors and influencers.  And reexamine relationships with your staff – determine how to empower them to succeed as you, and they, both wish.  Returning to the status quo without recognizing the “new normal” will miss new opportunities. 

All of these strategies work in good times, and they’re especially helpful as companies start rebuilding momentum.  Ensure your messaging reflects today’s new realities.  Remember the agile approach we utilized when shifting to defensive plays, and apply that same agility to improve your offensive tactics.

Marketing communications is a momentum game and most companies have lost momentum over the past several months.  Good coaches know when it’s time to field their best offensive players, yet the best coaches know how to apply those resources quickly to reap the greatest reward.

If you’ve lost momentum and are unsure if your current team is ready for your new challenges, please give us a call – we’re happy to discuss your situation to determine if we have the resources and answers you need. 

Here’s to your future success!

By Scott Dieckgraefe, President of Studio/D.

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