The Impact of Small Spaces on Big Thinking

Scott Dieckgraefe Insight

By Scott Dieckgraefe, President & Founder, Studio/D

I once owned a tiny house in the woods. A micro-sized deck led to a narrow front door which opened into a small kitchen. The kitchen ceiling was dark and low, which established a confined feeling for the rest of the house. When you entered the house, you instinctively slouched a bit. Over time, we enlarged and moved that door, added big windows and painted the kitchen ceiling a light color. The perspective changed for the entire house – it was now open and expansive, rather than tiny and confining. You felt as though you could stand up straight again.

The same holds true with creative thoughts. When the weight of the world is on your shoulders, you figuratively slouch, making it difficult to contribute to the big thinking that is needed in times like these. Make no mistake, 2020 was a heavy weight to bear, with most people and many businesses being weighed down by events outside of our control. I imagine many of us have developed a slouch that we need to correct.

As we embark on a new year, many people set fresh goals – resolutions for the coming year. 

For Studio/D, we’ve declared 2021 as “The Year of Big Thinking.”

Not that our thinking was substandard in 2020, rather we need to challenge ourselves to continuously improve. We collectively need to shake off any remaining weight of 2020’s events, stand up straight, take a deep breath and impart fresh big thinking into the strategies and tactics we develop in 2021. The world needs our best thinking to break free from the tight grasp of 2020.

A new calendar year has rarely been so warmly welcomed as 2021. Find new ways to break out of small behavioral patterns. Enlarge your thinking. Together we’ll get through this and make 2020 just a tiny dip in the road toward bigger thinking. How are you embracing the changing times to challenge yourself and your coworkers for bigger thoughts?

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