The Power of the Press Release: Three Reasons to Keep Them in Your Arsenal

Scott Dieckgraefe Insight

While others say the press release is dead, we at Studio/D remain bullish on it. The same goes for the news release. To-MAY-to, to-MAH-to.

A well-written, AP Style press release still packs a punch, even though much of the “press” has moved to digital only. Here are four strong reasons why the press release should remain an important part of your marketing communications program:

  1. Trade media have more “properties,” and they need content.

You’ve probably noticed the trend of more e-newsletters popping up in your in box. That’s in part because the vertical and horizontal trade publications in your industry – even the venerable magazines that have dominated an industry for decades – have created e-newsletter-style publications, that cover more narrow elements of their industry. This may include specific job disciplines within the greater industry, or new, growing sectors within the industry.

All of these properties need news. Your press release – written free of marketing jargon, in AP style, and sent with a quality, high-res image are a great resource for them, and a great publicity opportunity for your business.

Best practice: Many of these trade e-newsletters have a dedicated editor, unique from the editor at the “mothership.” Get to know these editors and leverage their contact info.

2. Boost your SEO

We’ve all Googled ourselves to see how the world views us. And if you’re like most people in business you’ll find news about your past promotions, hirings and other business-related activities. We view these as electronic breadcrumbs of your professional life – they allow people to see the paths you’ve taken throughout your career.

Getting your product and personnel press releases picked up by reputable news sources help ensure they show up in Google searches, improving your company’s Search Engine Optimization and broadening awareness of your business.

Best practice #1: After distributing your press release to the media (which will help with SEO), be sure to include it on your company’s website, where it will also assist with SEO. Simply updating your site regularly helps with SEO rankings.

Best practice #2: For maximum punch, consider using a distribution service, such as PRNewswire. Such a service can be costly, but if you’re looking to reach a national and/or international audience, these services will generate a lot of impressions.

3. With tradeshows currently off-line, a gap exists in how people learn of new products.

Tradeshows were a great source of new information – learning about product innovations, keeping current with the comings and goings of others in your industry, etc. Now with the shows cancelled due to Covid, people have increasingly turned to trade publications for this information. A well-crafted press release skillfully pitched to the appropriate writer or editor will get your content in front of a receptive audience.

Best practice: Build relationships with key writers and editors and offer to assist them with content they’re seeking. If your content is right for their audience, it’s a win-win proposition to provide a release – they need content and you gain the visibility.

4. Press releases are an important starting point for positioning a new product or service.

A well-written press release will force you to state your case, minus the hype. You’ll have to examine the features and benefits of the product or service and explain them in a manner that addresses the needs of your most scrutinizing prospect. Simply put, writing a press release is a great exercise to distill the positioning your new product or service down to its clearest, most compelling essence.

Armed with a quality release, your other launch marketing communications strategies and tactics have a solid, defensible foundation to build on.

Best practice: Avoid the hackneyed hype terms when writing the release, such as “unprecedented” and “breakthrough.” Sometimes the simple word “new” works better.

Studio/D can make your news releases work harder. To learn more, give us a call.

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